Tobias Nicolai

Ida Jessen for Weekendavisen

“I do not remember Easter so well, what I remember is that it was spring and there was light. And then I think of the dining room that faced our courtyard, where there was a stone bridge, and then a round lawn with a mighty linden tree on it, and there were shelterbelts around the courtyard. Behind was the garden. There was white tablecloth on the table and Easter decorations, and I think about my mother being obsessed with flowers. We were supposed to have seven or nine kinds of cabbage for Easter, it was in the 70s, you could not go out and buy everything, but my mother bought enough spinach and kale, and then she went out and found sprouts of gooseberries, currants and ground elder, until there were the seven or nine varieties of green. We got it, and my mother went into it with her life and soul.”

Danish author Ida Jessen
Client: Weekendavisen
Words: Synne Rifbjerg
Photo editing: Mie Brinkmann & Peter Helles Eriksen
Layout: Mathias Hoeg

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