Tobias Nicolai


Tobias Nicolai (b.1987) is a photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark. He holds a BA in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and a BA in media studies from Aarhus University and does commissioned reportage and portraits for a variety of clients. Tobias is drawn to the details and aesthetics of the things we think we know and has an endless fascination towards the exoticness of his vicinity. His photography is driven by curiosity with an overall goal to highlight the extraordinary in the everyday and mundane. 

tel. +45 22 83 27 06

Selected clients

Weekendavisen  /  Information  /  BMW  /  Die Zeit  /  Euroman  /  Djøfbladet  /  Imagine5  /  Zetland  /  The New Yorker  /  DR  /  Ekko  /  Jyllands-Posten  /  11Freunde  /  Politiken  /  Berlingske  /  Ud & Se  /  Børsen  /  Sinful  /  Mads Nørgaard  /  Dansk Erhverv  /  Vice  /  The Wall Street Journal  /  Journalisten  /  Folkeskolen  /  3F  / Akademikerbladet

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