Tobias Nicolai

Hugorm for Euroman

“Arni said from the start that if we were to start a band it should be called Hugorm. I think it’s something about the viper living on the west coast where the band was founded. And to me there’s also a logic in it being Denmark’s most dangerous animal, and in it a certain moderateness, because the keyword is Denmark - so it’s not that dangerous. But dangerous still, and that really encapsulates the music we make. From the beginning Hugorm has been about raging out, cleaning out and freaking out and to make music that is playful - and perhaps a little bit dangerous” - Simon Kvamm

HUGORM are Simon Kvamm, Morten Gorm & Arní Bergmann.

Client: Euroman

AD: Thomas Bredesen at Twentyten Studio

Words: Benjamin Dane

Editors: Kristoffer Dahy Ernst & Anders Hjort

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