Tobias Nicolai

Flying Tiger Copenhagen for Wall Street Journal

“This Retailer’s Lifeblood Was Cheap Plastic Toys. Now It Wants to Switch to Wood. Variety-store chain Flying Tiger Copenhagen has grown rapidly across Europe by offering an eclectic mix of cheap toys, gadgets and household items that are often made of plastic. Typical items include a remote-controlled dinosaur for roughly $19, a set of six stick-on mustaches for $4 or a pair of fluffy unicorn slippers for $13. This Christmas season, shoppers in the Danish capital could see the change in approach, with new wooden versions of chess, backgammon and four-in-a-row on sale in stores alongside older plastic versions of the same games. The two versions won’t coexist for long. “There’s no scenario where this product is in the stores in about a year,” said Martin Jermiin, Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s chief executive, referring to the plastic edition of four-in-a-row.”

Client: The Wall Street Journal

Photo editor: Samantha Shanahan

Words: Trevor Moss

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