Tobias Nicolai

Vertical Farming for 5 Media

It may not look how we expect a farm to look, but vertical farms like this one near Copenhagen, Denmark are supplying more and more greens to city dwellers, while using minimal land and no pesticides. Grab your boots – or rather, your white coat – and take a look around. About thirty minutes from Copenhagen stands a cavernous warehouse bathed in an otherworldly purple light. The shelves are stacked ten metres high, pumped with water and nutrients – and all filled with crisp baby salads. Nordic Harvest is a Danish startup on a mission to upend traditional agriculture through vertical farming, a technique that promises to reduce pollution, eliminate water waste, and even produce better crops. Founder Anders Riemann, a former shipping analyst who became disenchanted with his 9-5 job, says his ultimate goal is to shrink the footprint of the veggies we eat – both in terms of land use and their impact on the environment.

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Client: 5 Media

Words: Elizabeth Anne Brown

AD: Marta Julia Johansen

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