Tobias Nicolai

The red plan for Weekendavisen

Reportage from the Social-democratic conference about Denmarks future. “It was probably such a day one should have jumped into the suit jacket, I realised when we arrived at the congress center placed between the local water park and a Covid-19-test-facility. Even Mathias Tesfaye is in a suit. Ladies in heels. The top of the Danish political pyramid is gathered at a conference on behalf of the prime minister. The head economic adviser is discussing something with Rane Willerslev. Isnt that the guy from Cepos over by the baskets with croissants? And the guy from Novo by the pile of fruit? Benny Engelbrecht is running around and fistbumping between the round tables. Søren Pape and Ulrik Wilbek know each other - it’s clear to see. And the handshake is not dead, I might add.”

Client: Weekendavisen
Words: Christian Bennike
Photo editor: Peter Helles Eriksen
Layout: Andreas Peretti & Liv Ajse

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