Tobias Nicolai

Talk and dinner / Copenhagen Photo Festival

Talk and dinner hosted by Atla at Lille on Refshaleøen as part of the official program of Copenhagen Photo Festival. 

ATLA is teaming up with the amazing crew from Lille Bakery for a photographic talk and delicious dinner during Copenhagen Photo Festival on the 30th of June from 16.30 - 22. This evening we will explore the danish citizen test, it’s 40 questions and what’s behind them. We will learn about the bizarre yet funny birthday tradition of getting covered in cinnamon when turning 25 — sometimes in a very dramatic setting. We are going to get so close that we can almost taste the sweetness of the spice in the air. We will wonder, laugh and explore together with the talented photojournalists and their projects ‘The Ritual’ by Tobias Nicolai and ‘All you should know’ by Ida Marie Odgaard and Ivan Boll. After the talk, lille will prepare a wonderful three course menu to share and hopefully continue the conversation. Through both photo journalistic bodies of works, ’All you should know’ by Ida Marie Odgaard and Ivan Boll and ’The Ritual’ by Tobias Nicolai, we will explore the questions of when and why something is defined as Danish – both through the 40 questions of the the Danish citizenship test, and the rite of passage to get covered in cinnamon on your 25th birthday.”

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