Tobias Nicolai

Rewilding for Weekendavisen

Natural. An intense drama about animals and humans, hunger and freedom takes place in Mols Bjerge. And in a short while this drama will spread to the whole country when 15 new natural national parks will be pointed out. Here nature will be the first in line, step in front of our needs and habits. And large grazers will live as wild as possible behind fences. 

Both supporters and opponents look towards Mols where three rewilding projects are taking place. They look especially towards Molslaboratoriet that has been experimenting with pure rewilding since 2016. Mols Bjerge is polemical red-hot, shitstormish and under siege by Facebook. The problem is that all three projects have had or have ongoing cases about the abuse of the animals set to save the Danish nature.

Molslaboratoriet has been reported to the police a great number of times and has had five control visits this winter with no remarks. Which means that people visiting nature - or people at home behind their screens - react more thin-skinned than professionals.

In the hills Morten DD strikes out his arms and says for the umpteenth time how wonderfully beautiful it is: “That’s why this damn talk about horses and cattle becomes so flat. The case about the horses is about something deeper and way more important. It is about nature being both beautiful and harsh, that life is harsh, even for humans. We can’t avoid being confronted with suffering once in a while. The idea that animals do not suffer in nature does not hold. In return they are as free as they can be within the boundaries of the law. They live the freest life”

Words: Pernille Stensgaard & Kristoffer Lottrup 

Photo editor: Peter Helles Eriksen 

Layout: Mathias Hoeg

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