Tobias Nicolai

Wolf Land represented in STATUS:19

The skeleton of the first wild wolf in Denmark for 200 years is represented in STATUS:19. 

STATUS:19 is a curated inventory of the best Danish professional photography anno 2019. 100 photos has been chosen from 2354 submitted pictures to cover five photographic categories - commercial, communication, fine art, portrait and journalistic. The wolf is located in the journalism category together with other good photojournalism colleagues. 

The selected photographs of STATUS:19 will be exhibited at Fotodage Viborg and after that travel the country, and hit both Copenhagen Photo Festival and PixlArt.

STATUS:19 is a project under DJ:Fotograferne a union group in Dansk Journalistforbund.

Photographic Master Class in Kaliningrad

Selected to participate in Next to you - essays on nordic-russian realities 2019. The photographic master class is arranged by Nordic Journalist Centre for seven nordic and seven russian photographers and takes places in April in Kaliningrad, Russia and in may in Reykjavik, Iceland. The master class aims to look more closely at the relationship between the nordic countries and Russia - we are neighbors, but how well do we know each other.

The workshop is mentored by award winning photographers Jana Romanova and Mads Greve and will end up in a joint photobook with 14 photo essays. Amongst the participants are also danish photographer Kasper Palsnov and Finnish photographer Emilia Kangasluoma.

On assignment for Information

With the name SoupSteak&ICE the band is the personification of a musical genre that is often looked down upon. But theres no need for that here - even though they came one year early for a job at a local village hall. 

The four members navigated within their enormous repertoire of popular music with military precision to affect both the guests feet and vocal cords.

These kinds of bands are the architects behind a succesfull christmas party and a special breed of musicians that can push their ego aside.

Read in the newspaper from the 30th of november or online here (behind paywall)

‘Wolf Land’ published in Politiken

The large photographic story about the clash between humans and wolves in Denmark has been published in Politikens weekend section PS.

It spans ten pages and the front page of both PS and the main paper sunday the 8th of July.

The project was made in the spring of 2018 as the bachelor project on the four-year photojournalism education at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

The project is also behind the paywall on this link:»De-snakker-om-at-der-skal-være-100-ulve-i-Danmark-og-så-er-det-kun-et-spørgsmål-om-tid-før-vi-ser-angreb.-Er-det-sådan-Danmark-skal-være«

Visa pour l’image with Canon

Six photojournalism students from DMJX has been selected to participate in the Canon Student Program at the international photo festival Visa pour l’image in Perpignan i September 2017. The jury consisted of swedish photographer Magnus Wennman from Aftonbladet, picture editor Thomas Borberg from Politiken and Per Karlsson from Canon Sweden. The six students - Nanna Navntoft, Sofie Mathiesen, Ulrik Hasemann, Mathias Svold, Ivan Riordan Boll and Tobias Nicolai - will be part of a three day programme with guided tours, workshops and portfolio reviews.

Honourable mention in Danish PoY 2016

The winners of Danish Picture of the Year 2016 was announced at the award show in the
Black Diamond at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Several DMJX students were
nominated for prizes. I received a honourable mention in the ‘Sports Reportage’
category for the portrait series of young synchronized swimmers called ‘Underwater Princesses’. The judges write the following on the portrait series:

“The concept with the young synchro-girls is well thought of by Tobias Nicolai. The girls’ expression locks you in.
They look grown up, even though they’re not. In these photos they are small
adults because they do something that means a lot to them. The series is fine craftsmanship,
well accomplished with beautiful light. It is a sport that is often mocked, but
here it is taken serious. That is an awesome approach to a sport.”

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