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MINU Festival

MINU festival for expanded music is a Copenhagen-based festival presenting art on the borders of new music and other media. It is a space for oscillating between extremes and charting relationships between art, technology, and contemporary culture. With a curatorial focus on the events as holistic experiences, MINU is an initiative for expanding the definition of music through presenting the unmusical as musical. November 9-13th 2022, the festival returned to Frederiksberg and Copenhagen for its second edition, featuring concerts, performance lectures, and a conference for young artists. 

Claus Steinlein for Euroman

“Once I am done as managing director, I have this dream of becoming a team manager for the first team. It will be great to wash and hang up the uniforms and generally make sure the boys are comfortable. I would love to have a spare time job like that in my older days.”

Claus Steinlein, CEO FC Midtjylland

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Client: Euroman

Words: Simon Kirkegaard

Editor: Nina B. Olsen

ORD - new encyclopedia from Politikens Forlag

Photo illustrating the word ‘brother’ featured in new encyclopedia from Politikens Forlag.

“Over 200 significant Danes contribute to a new publication that celebrates the Danish language. What happens when you ask a large number of Denmark’s most interesting voices to interpret a word that means something special to them? That question is the starting point for ORD, and the result is a wild and experimental collection of texts and artworks that are as diverse as the actors themselves.”

Hugorm for Euroman

“Arni said from the start that if we were to start a band it should be called Hugorm. I think it’s something about the viper living on the west coast where the band was founded. And to me there’s also a logic in it being Denmark’s most dangerous animal, and in it a certain moderateness, because the keyword is Denmark - so it’s not that dangerous. But dangerous still, and that really encapsulates the music we make. From the beginning Hugorm has been about raging out, cleaning out and freaking out and to make music that is playful - and perhaps a little bit dangerous” - Simon Kvamm

HUGORM are Simon Kvamm, Morten Gorm & Arní Bergmann.

Client: Euroman

AD: Thomas Bredesen at Twentyten Studio

Words: Benjamin Dane

Editors: Kristoffer Dahy Ernst & Anders Hjort

Anholt Bakery and Garden for Djøfbladet

Break up

Get an education, get a job, buy an apartment, work-work. That was the plan, until Albertine Nordby Rasmussen, Ann-Sofie Antonsen and Solbjørk Buch looked each other in the eyes – and started their careers by putting it on pause. The three friends lived a hectic young life with nights out, friends and an endless amount of work. They made them rethink their lives. And they ended up with a slightly different decision. Now they run A bakery and garden on the tiny island.

Client: Djøfbladet

AD: Håkan Rossing

Words: Matilde Leander

2022 Venice Biennale for 5

This year’s Venice Biennale is asking humanity what future it wants.

It’s the world’s biggest showcase for how art is responding to the world we live in. And in these times of environmental crisis, artists at the 59th Venice Biennale can’t help but turn their gaze to our changing climate and our relationship with nature. This year’s event also includes contributions from indigenous groups that have never been represented here before. The artworks raise a million questions about humanity’s future, but also remind us that in the end, the answers are up to us. 5 explored this year’s show until our shoes wore through, and here we’ve gathered our 10 favourite pavilions.

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Words: 5

Produced with: Marta Julia Johansen & Daiana Contini

Pernille Harder for Euroman

“I think that we should be careful in comparing women’s and men’s soccer too much. You have to see women’s soccer for what it is. Women’s soccer has a lot to offer. We are inclusive and diverse, both among fans and in the sport. You can be who you are, and that, I think, is something you should try to have more focus on when talking about women’s soccer. And maybe a point that men’s soccer can learn a little from.”

Client: Euroman

Words: Teis Jeppe Gørtz

Editor: Nina B. Olsen

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