Tobias Nicolai

‘Next To You’ workshop projects published

The result of the photographic masterclass ‘Next to you’, that took place in both Russia and Iceland in the spring of 2019, has been published in newspaper format. Seven stories from Russia and seven stories from Iceland, covering a broad spectrum of themes in very different genres.

‘Massovka’ is a story about the Russian film and tv industry turned upside down. Here the focus is on the mass of extras and small role actors that plays a critical role in filmmaking. The portrait series was inspired by a local taxi driver that was scouted by a local caster, and now has minor roles in locally filmed film and tv shows. The story was also a way of connecting with the normal russian citizen, and thus look more closely at our Russian neighbours.

The masterclass was arranged by Nordic Journalist Centre and was mentored by award winning photographers Jana Romanova and Mads Greve

Layout and design by Spine Studio

Contact for a PDF version of the newspaper.

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