Tobias Nicolai

Mathilde Mackowski for Zetland

A short while after Mathilde Mackowskis alcoholic father had comitted suicide she started her third year on business college. And there she used the escape routine she had learned as a child to escape reality. Avoiding classes and assignments and everything that resembled a reality in school. It helped hanging out with the guys. They didn’t ask that many questions and were more into beer bowling. “I did all the things my father did,” she laughs.

And then the letter from school arrived. She stood in the house at home in Silkeborg and thought: Now I’m getting kicked out.

“Dear Mathilde,” her mother read. “You have been selected as a scholarship recipient - either because of your academic results or your conduct as a human being”

“I was just like what the fuck,” she remembers. “try reading it out loud again.” Her mother read it once again. And it was true. Mathilde didn’t get the kick. She had received 3000 kroner - a fortune back then - for being a good friend in the class. Her disappearing act had pulled her from school but it had also pushed her closer to her friends.

Later at a big ceremony she had to accept the scholarship in front of the whole school with six or seven chosen students. “It was the sharpest heads at Silkeborg business college - all those super cool people. And then me.” She remembers being called to the stage in front of everyone. “It was embarrassing because everyone knew I had not done today’s good deed.” But her mother thought it was fantastic. “She said, that it was way cooler to get the scholarship for my personality”

Client: Zetland

Words: Hakon Mosbech

Art direction: Mikkel Bøgild Jacobsen

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