Tobias Nicolai

Jeanette Varberg for Zetland

In almost ten years Jeanette Varberg has become a form of rockstar in a field that doesn’t really smell like rock n’ roll - the history of Denmark all the way back to the stone age. Her books are bestsellers. The latest, Urtid, was published in October 2021 and by christmastime the second print was gone. Her lectures are sold out everywhere with a packed audience and people queuing to get their books signed and talk about archeology. Jeanette Varberg has made it her special method to find the parts of our shared past that is not all about years and faceless events, but touches the human experience. She looks for other ways through history than most of us met in school. The one that makes up the past in kings and wars. Instead Jeanette Varberg looks at the women’s role in past societies, on minorities and investigates what phenomena like climate and pandemics has entailed for the world’s development. Contrary to most other historians she employs drama, fiction and what-if-theories to make the story more catchy for the modern audience.

Client: Zetland

Words: Marie Carsten Pedersen

AD: Mikkel Bøgild Jacobsen

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