Tobias Nicolai

Honourable mention in Danish PoY 2016

The winners of Danish Picture of the Year 2016 was announced at the award show in the
Black Diamond at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Several DMJX students were
nominated for prizes. I received a honourable mention in the ‘Sports Reportage’
category for the portrait series of young synchronized swimmers called ‘Underwater Princesses’. The judges write the following on the portrait series:

“The concept with the young synchro-girls is well thought of by Tobias Nicolai. The girls’ expression locks you in.
They look grown up, even though they’re not. In these photos they are small
adults because they do something that means a lot to them. The series is fine craftsmanship,
well accomplished with beautiful light. It is a sport that is often mocked, but
here it is taken serious. That is an awesome approach to a sport.”

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