Tobias Nicolai

From fossil fuel to wind for Zetland

A coal grabber stands symbolically beneath a huge yellow coal crane that will retire as part of the green transition. Two gigantic, unemployed Mærsk oil rigs rest as monuments over bygone fossil success that was caught up by the present. Not far away wind turbine towers and generators stand as a testament to the new and booming industry in the harbourcity, that makes both carpenters and taxi drivers want to change careers. Frank Østergaard worked in coal, then twenty years on the oil fields of the northern sea and now he assembles offshore wind turbines. The green transition is very concrete at Esbjerg Harbour. Many oil and coal cities around the world fear economic decay, but Esbjerg has been able to follow the wind of change. Esbjergs secret is that the city has tried it before.

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Art Director: Mikkel Bøgild Jacobsen

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