Tobias Nicolai

Eylem Teke for Zetland

My poems are like my acne. They shall not disappear.

“Yahya Hassen has done something truly unique. He has paved a road that others can take. When we meet Eylem at her high school, hardly anyone knows that Eylem is taking that road now. Only a few know that she writes poetry, that she uses them to tear herself away from the parallel society she feels she has grown up in. Now even her parents know about her poetry. But they will very soon.” Until now it was only Eylem’s student counsellor and two of her teachers that knew about it. So it’s a huge honor to have a tiny-little photo-part in the introduction of Eylem Teke to the rest of Denmark. 

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Shot on assignment for  Zetland

Words by Nanna Schelde

Art direction Mikkel Bøgild Jacobsen

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