Tobias Nicolai

Euroman cover

Peter Humaidan, doctor and professor in fertility and reproduction, is one ninth of this month’s cover of Euroman where the magazine does an inventory of the Danish man anno 2021. 

It is an incredible mission in itself every time a sperm cell fertilizes an egg - there are so many ways it can go wrong, and it has only gotten harder. During the last four decades the quantity of sperm cells in the western world has dropped 50 percent and the danish man is right at the bottom of the European sperm barometer. But in the bleak light of these numbers Peter Humaidan is very optimistic. Instead of focusing on the quantity we should look at the quality of sperm and how our lifestyle affects it - a new way back into the battle against involuntary childlessness and the road to supersemen. 

In the case of infertility the blame is often cast on the woman and her eggs, but the semen might as well be the problem. And many men don’t even realize that. But in the later years it has become clear that lifestyle is a major factor in the quality of sperm, and that the man himself can take an active role in making sure that the sperm is of the finest quality.

Shot for Euroman

Words by Anders Ryehauge

Artdirection Twentyten

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