Tobias Nicolai

Diversions curated by Little Stories

Collection of 15 images under the title ‘Closest Things’ featured in the Diversions gallery curated by Little Stories. 

“The things closest to us interest me the most. A spiderweb on a balcony in the first light of day soon fading back to normal when the sun burns off the dew. My brother’s eye on his 31st birthday. A young author picking up a tiny frog in the palm of his hand. I find myself being magnetically drawn to the details and aesthetics of the things we think we know. To get as close as possible. I am interested in portraying my surroundings, and by lifting subjects away from their environment and placing them in another context I can highlight the exoticness in our vicinity that I am endlessly fascinated with and thereby challenge perceptions and expectations. Whether I am working on larger documentary projects, on commissioned assignments or just happen to stumble upon a farmer burning off bush on a field I am always looking for the extraordinary in the everyday and mundane.”

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