Tobias Nicolai

Caspar Eric for Børsen

“The body is our foundation for how we experience the world, but I think it’s sometimes easier to understand and describe yourself by listening to others. So that’s what I’m trying to do. And then I am also trying to escape the idea that some are handicapped and others are not,” says the 34-year old poet and author. Caspar Eric was born with cerebral parese that makes him limp significantly on his right leg and for several years he has expressed himself and challenged the view about the handicapped body in his literature. He continues this theme in a new radio show on DR’s P1 called “Det vi går rundt med” in which he walks and talks with 12 different guests about their view on the body and what they themselves carry in life’s invisible backpack.
For Børsen Weekend
Words: Thomas Møgelbjerg Pedersen
Editor: Chris Pedersen
Photo Editor: Sofia Wraber

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