Tobias Nicolai

Actor Frederikke Dahl Hansen for Filmmagasinet Ekko

She will be one of the big ones. A one of a kind who can bring out a special poetry in front of the camera. But also a person who places huge demands on herself. A scene has to be replayed so many times and twisted in so many directions that there is hardly any time to get the film done in time. If you ask about an interview at the PR company, the answer is that “it will probably be a ‘no thank you’, because she is not much for talking to the press”. Not even if Frederikke Dahl Hansen, after many years as the underground’s most promising star at the age of 28, finally has her first leading role in a major feature film. She portrays the best-selling author Leonora Christina Skov in Puk Grastens ‘Den, der lever stille’.
Client: Filmmagasinet Ekko
Layout: Lasse Cordsen
Words: Casper Hindse
Editor: Claus Christensen

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