Tobias Nicolai

Mekdes for Euroman

“What is the best decision you have made?

“All the times I’ve said no. Because I’m so happy with where I’ve ended up today. Even though I said no to some great opportunities, I trusted that I would one day end up where I dreamed of. and now I’m there in a relatively short time, and it means an incredible deal to me to be able to make a living from music and at the same time have the freedom to do what I want ”.

Born in 1998. Adopted from Ethiopia and grew up in Starup near Haderslev. Lives in Kolding with her girlfriend Lærke and friend Mikkel. Has taught herself to produce music, play guitar, bass and piano. Released in 2018 the debut single ‘Right Direction’ and has since released the EP ‘Fly’ in 2020 and the album ‘Greedy’ in 2021. Won in 2021 P3 Gold ‘Talent Award’. Going over the summer on her first festival tour, where she performs at both Northside and Roskilde Festival.

Client: Euroman

Words: Simon Kirkegaard

Editor: Nina B. Olsen

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