Tobias Nicolai

Bo Henriksen for Euroman

“I dream of becoming the best in the world. The day I find out it’s not possible, I’ll stop. I do not want to be mediocre. That was what I became as a player, and I will not bother again. ”

Bo Henriksen throws himself on his knees before the rest of his body lands on the synthetic grass surface that adorns Silkeborg IF’s stadium. Long as he is, he now lies and floats around the field in front of FC Midtjylland’s bench. He lies completely still for a few seconds. For a moment, it looks like he’s dead. But he is not. He has simply witnessed Brazilian striker Vágner Love burning a huge chance.

It is Sunday the 20th of March, and 78 minutes have been played in the showdown between FC Midtjylland and local rivals Silkeborg IF. The score is 0-0, and Bo Henriksen and his team need three points if the Central Jutlanders are to keep up with rivals from FC Copenhagen, who are in a solid points harvest. Shortly after, Bo Henriksen is back on his feet. He shouts and conducts with his players and moves quickly back and forth in the technical field as if he were a lion with burrows.

“He almost runs more than Sisto,” says a young spectator to his father, pointing at Bo Henriksen.

Client: Euroman

Words: Simon Kirkegaard

Editor: Nina Buth Olsen

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