Tobias Nicolai

2014 for Weekendavisen

Nine years back in time for Weekendavisen to the ‘new’ 2014 street in Den Gamle By. Complete with an iconic Blockbuster store front, the most sold car in 2014; a Volkswagen Up, an ugly pizzeria parlor from the province and a 1:1 copy of a specific single woman’s apartment. Now people pay to walk around the apartment of Rikke Langkjær who still exists in real life - alive and well but already a museum piece. Visitors can open her drawers and cupboards, stand in the kitchen and listen to popular tunes from ’14 and take in the minimalistic and pastel decor in the livingroom, where she used to serve fresh pasta with salmon or cafe style burgers for her friends.
The 2014 street is next to the 1974-quarter. But what’s the point of exhibiting something so close to us? With this new addition Den Gamle By adds to the principal. “The two quarters will also be here in 100 years, and 2014 will not continue to just be yesterday. In 100 years I think the 40 year gap between the new neighborhoods will even out and people will consider it one neighborhood. What is the difference between 1710 and 1750 for us today?’ Says director Thomas Bloch Ravn.

Client: Weekendavisen
Layout: Mai-Britt Bernt Jensen
Photo editor: Mie Brinkmann
Words: Pernille Stensgaard

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