Underwater princesses

I have a pig in my hair!" shouts one of the girls standing on the edge of the pool. All the girls use animal gelatine to hold the hair in place while in the water. It takes a almost a complete bottle of shampoo to get it out of the hair. First the girls compete in figures. This is the neutral part of the competition. Here everyone wears a black bathing suit and a white bathing cap. In the figure part they are judged on how perfect their figures are, how pointy their ankles are and the position in the water. These figures and techniques are the groundwork for the next leg of the competition. In the second part they team up in groups, change in to colourful bathing suit, gets a heavy layer of waterproof makeup and a lot of the girls wears a diadem on top of their gelatine infused hair. Shot at The West Denmark Championsship in Synchronized swimming the 26th of november in Egå.

Maiken Svanholm

Louise Lund Nielsen

Kathrine Andersen

Ida Marie Sundkilde Olsen

Siri Graversen


Cecilie Højmark

Kathrine Andersen

Kerstin Andreasen

Amalie Graversen

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