Scented stationary. Lion King. Around 1994

Jurassic Park console game. Thank-you-for-behaving-well gift on a trip to Switzerland. 1993

Mighty Ducks cap. 1995

Drivers licence. Issued 1993

Laserpointer bought on a vacation to Italy 1996.

Medal from Nordals Soccer Cup. 2. or 3. place. Circa 1997

Membercard for Guderup Youth Club. 1998/99

Minidisc and four Eminem albums. Circa 2002

Mystique de Michael Jackson. I bought the perfume in 1996 from a 10th grade girl from my school.

Donatello with weapons. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Circa 1993

The Jungle Animal Hugo watch. Price from magazine competition. 1993

My collection of belemnites. It has grown since

Michael Jordan, Catch 23, basketball card, 1997-98 

Milk teeth

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